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A good web design is key for a successful Online Marketing strategy. This would not be possible, however, in the absence of an optimized and functional web programming solution.

At Consulweb we take care of web 2.0
design integrated in your 360º strategy

Agencia de marketing online

Why choose our web programming

• Google indexes and positions our content faster.
• We include a content manager in all our projects and a course to teach you how to use it.
• Our websites load at maximum speed.

We routinely ignore web pages which are apparently attractive but slow, those where information is difficult to find, or those weak in interactivity with visitors, thanks to the use of advanced web programming techniques.

How we work Web Programming in Consulweb

Web standards and accessibility:
• We build high quality web sites accessible to all browsers and for experienced and inexperienced users. We are experts in Semantic XHTML code and we programme the web conforming to the W3C standards, which are key in search engine indexation.

Tailored programming

• We adapt your HTML and CSS code design ‒ optimized for web positioning ‒ with responsive designs for smartphones, tablets and mobile devices.

Contents Management Systems (CMS):

• We provide the installation of Contents Management Systems

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. These will allow you to update contents without the support of technicians even if you are unaware of the computer languages required for a good positioning on Google, Yahoo and other leading search engines. Also, we provide you with the training needed to manage your own web page.