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Barcelona Christmas Shopping campaign initiated by Barcelona Turisme was focused on viralize to foreign visitors Barcelona as a quality city for Christmas shopping. It was thought as a way to explain the advantages of Christmas shopping in the city like Barcelona Shopping Line, the weather, gastronomy, Christmas traditions, Gaudí, Barça, etc.

The public for the campaign was set as foreign visitors from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Russia.

The target was defined as people interested in travelling, shopping, fashion, luxury and goods.

The main objectives of the campaign accomplished in the first three months were:

More than 10.000 fans in Social Networks. All of them target of the campaign and they came from the countries that were supposed to.
More than 2.5 millions visitors and 65000 clicks on the website, 60% of them from the countries selected.
75% of keywords from the client’s core business were positioned on the first page of the organic search engine list.



FC Barcelona captain, Carles Puyol, trust in us to develop his websites, including his personal website and his watches’ trademark online shop, Macchina CP5.

Design was developed focusing on an impressive image where the football player figure was the center. Visual effects and a modern design are the keys to create a long-lasting experience in visitors.

E-commerce site was developed to create a simple and easy to use interface where clients could have a great experience without forgetting an impressive, visual and modern design.



The project created for pop singer Romy Low includes a 2.0 Website and social media strategy to viralize her career.

Web design was created to emphasize luxury and glamour, related with the client’s image.

The result was an attractive image that helps to get people know her project and Romy Low’s career.

Social Media strategy was focused on viralize her career in social networks as Facebook or Twitter increasing her audience. Some of the objectives that were accomplished were:

More than 24.000 fans on her Facebook Fan Page and more than 7.000 followers on her Twitter profile.
An average of 40.000 visitors each month to her website.
100% of the core business’ keywords of the clients where positioned on the first page of organic seach engine results.

If you are not positioned on the Internet, you do not exist...