Street Marketing

Campaigns or Street Marketing actions allow to generate expectations around a brand, in a more effective way that you could achieve with other traditional strategies. Street Marketing actions use street tools and infrastructures in unusual ways, interacting with people, catching their attention and generating this “noise” around the actions and (indirectly) around the brand.

In addition to the potential of diffusion that these actions have, creating a street marketing video allows you to generate even more noise and virality that you could achieve with the action itself.

Generating an attractive video, where actions, spaces and people interact with each others in an unusual way producing uncertainty, are the main features that you can find in a street marketing video.

Combining an attractive message with a video, catches the attention of viewers longer and reinforce the image of your brand, differentiating you from your competitors.

Creating a Street Marketing campaign and promotional video of the actions, will allow you achieve better results and a greater profit, combining local promotion where the actions take place and, on the other hand, the attention around these actions that video will generate later.