Product Video

Showing what you sell, how it works and which are its advantages, is one of the main utilities of product videos.
With infinite kinds of products in the market and most of them too similar, showing to your potential customers how your products or services are different and why they have to choose them, is a fast and simple way to help someone decide to purchase.
When we have an excess of information about the products between which we are trying to decide, offering videos of your product to potential customers will mark the difference.
Showing the product, explaining how they can use it in a synthetic and easy way to understand and besides presenting you (or your brand) directly in front of potential customers, generates confidence in what you sell and the process of purchase itself (especially for e-commerce sites).

The main features of a good product video are:

  • Showing easily and in comprehensible way, the advantages and profits that would have the product for a potential customer.
  • Generating an emotional relationship with viewers that generate confidence in your brand and product, increasing options of a final purchase.
  • Creating the exact message you want to send to the customer, catching their attention and keeping it during all the video.
  • Making sure they know how they can purchase the product, get more information and solve their doubts.

In conclusion, product videos are useful resources to facilitate your potential customer a preview of what is the product that they are about to purchase, how it works or what is it going to do for them in a comprehensive and simple way, highlighting the main differences that make you better than your competitors.