Web Analytics

An Online Marketing strategy will not be complete unless you have information supporting the validity of that strategy.

Whenever users visit a web site they leave behind abundant information  about who they are, how they have found us or what contents or products they are most interested in, among other things.

analitica-webHowever, all this information has no value if we don’t understand what it means through a careful data analysis: it will only be then that it will provide us with indications that
may help us improve our business strategy.

Drawing conclusions is not just the result of that analysis, but is also influenced by the nature of the information collected and the manner in which that information has been collected. It is, therefore, essential that we have a professional high-quality service suited to each customer’s goals and specific profile.

In order to obtain relevant information, we define a number of  Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your business. This will allow us to conduct a follow-up of objectives and of the results achieved.

Once this information has been collected, we help you translate that information in order to gain a better understanding of the kind of customers visiting your website. By using the tools offered by services such as Google Analytics, we may learn which campaigns have a greater emotional impact, what is working best in your website, what should be improved or if you have a positive ROI. Thus, you will be able  to optimize your strategy, increasing your business turnover.