google-partnerAt Consulweb, web believe that in order to provide the best results to our customers we need to work with a joint SEO SEM strategy.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to search engine positioning through sponsored links or adverts, which stand out on the organic result list as they are strategically placed on the top or right section of the list itself. The main SEM advantage is that the website that is being promoted will appear almost immediately (between 10 minutes and 24 hours) in the leading posts of search engines.

We administer, manage and optimize your Google and Yahoo campaigns through Sponsored Links and Adwords in order to make the most of its functionality. In this manner, your investment will have the expected reach while costs are kept low.

How we guarantee the success of your SEM campaign


  • We carefully analyse and select all the key words using tools such as Google Adwords Traffic Estimator and Google Insights.
  • We design and create optimized adverts in order to achieve a good Quality Score, distributing the key words in campaigns and advert groups.
  • We conduct  daily Cost Per Click (CPC), Return of Investment (ROI) and Conversion analyses. You will only pay what you need.
  • We analyse the SEM campaign results in a monthly Impressions and Click Report and in a follow-up meeting.