Online Reputation

Online reputation refers to the image of our brand or business on the Internet. This reputation includes what we do and say, and whatever others say about us.

Reputación online

Thus far, the concept of online reputation has been limited to crisis contexts, when the brand or enterprise says something or does something that is detrimental for its public image and for the company itself.

Nevertheless, preserving a highly-reputed image goes beyond the idea of overcoming these times of crisis. You can focus on just solving the problem, or else you can embrace a management strategy of your online reputation by reducing the crisis situations and making the difference in terms of enterprise-customer relations, efficient communication and consistency of the business.

What is our online reputation service:

  • We monitor references to your products or services
  • We provide a consistent message for all your brand or enterprise communications
  • We draft an style handbook for your communications
  • We establish a protocol of action to anticipate troublesome situations